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Jennifer Perkins MFT Counselling & Psychotherapy

Sydney Counselling; Personal Growth and Development

Sydney Counselling; Personal Growth & Development

Sometimes we need some assistance and coaching to help us find our direction and purpose. Jennifer helps clients develop their internal guidance system (intuition) using some really interesting tools such as meditation, hypnotherapy and EFT (Tapping). She also uses counselling/ psychotherapy to help you work through your road blocks and excuses. She is super gentle, and kind. You'll love doing this work with her.


Personal Growth & Development

Are you feeling stuck and stagnant with your current situation? Are you feeling there has to be more to life than what you are currently living? Have you been thinking about a major change but have been stalled with fear or doubts about your abilities, or how others will accept you?

We can work together in therapy to help make your dreams a reality. As a professional counselor and psychotherapist I am able to work with you to

  • give words to your dreams and help you be specific about your goals
  • identify and mobilize available resources
  • find your best sources of motivation and support
  • eliminate self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors

The path to self-discovery can be the most powerful and worthwhile endeavor we make in our life.

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Areas of Personal Growth

We may work together to learn about and achieve the following

  • researching and investigating your life's purpose
  • investigating new life paths and decisions
  • investigating new jobs, business or career
  • identifying what truly makes you happy, and how to go about getting that
  • working through fear and other roadblocks
  • increasing self esteem and self image
  • listening and giving voice to your inner self
  • learning to live authentically
  • being present even in uncomfortable moments


Tools we may work with

You will be drawn to tools that work for you.  I may suggest some or all of the following

  • meditation in a way that works for you
  • hypnotherapy to get in touch with your inner wisdom and internal 'wise guide'
  • harnessing the power of words for manifesting your desires
  • identifying and working with negative self talk
  • left brain/ right brain activities to identify unspoken hopes, dreams, desires as well as roadblocks
  • learning, researching and reading about your new endeavor
  • finding support for your new path

Helping You Identify and Meet Your Life Goals

Traditionally, psychotherapy mimics the medical model. People seek help because they are hurting in some way or things are falling apart and usual coping strategies no longer work.

Psychotherapy can also mimic a wellness model: People seeking help to become the optimum version of themselves. This is a personal growth model similar to what elite athletes use; to be coached into visualizing their peak performance and creating it into being.  Using therapy for personal growth and development can be a powerful catalyst for tapping into your vast potential. Learning to create a life on purpose is learning to create endless joy.

Therapy is a place for catalyzing change. It’s a place for learning how to see things differently and living life with optimism.  It’s a place to learn how to experience curiously and live genuinely.  It’s a place for learning how to fill your soul.  Self-improvement is a lifelong journey and a grand adventure to be practiced and enjoyed in every moment possible.